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Wow, it's almost February already. That means it's almost Valentine's day!

I am excited for Valentines day but not the week of Valentines Day! Because I have ERBs then!! But I have no school on Friday! YEAH! Do you guys (if anyone who doesn't go to the school I am talking to and you guys know who you are please dont respond to this) have school that Friday? omigod. I came back from 2 parties last night. I saw Bride Wars right after school and it was so Funny! I hope they make a second called Baby Wars! If you dont get that you have to see the movie to understand. Then I went to another party at a resturant. Even thought we were sitting the whole time we had to be the loudest and most hyper in the resturant. But in the goodie bag from the resturant party I got the cutest erasers. Well, they arn't cute but it's just funny. It's a toothbursh eraser, cup eraser, and ice cream eraser!