I have Verison Rhapsody and I got to tell you. I like it better than Itunes. As long as you pay 15 dollars at the end of each month you can get ANY SONG you want FOR FREE! You can buy 1 CD and 5 songs with 15 dollars on itunes. Or one game. But I really want the Ipod Touch. Mainly for all the free games!!! But when my contract for my Voyager goes up is normally when I get a new phone. I'll ask for an iPhone when the time comes. I was looking around Rhapsody one day when I found Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. BUT the songs were in like 20 different languages. I got French. It isn't completely French. The part when it's like "Hey Hey You You 'I don't like your girlfriend!' " The part when it says I dont like your girlfriend is when its in French. But I have a zillion songs on Rhapsody. Not all of them are on my phone though. If you have both itunes and rhapsody it will transfer SOME of your songs from itunes to rhapsody. It only gave me about 10, 15 songs from itunes. I wouldn't really have cared because I would have just got them back for free. Plus if you want to sample the songs on Rhapsody and you dont like the 26 second trial itunes gives you, check out rhapsody! You can play the WHOLE song when you haven't even put it on your rhapsody. Rhapsody is what I like to call Verison's itunes but better. The similarities are that they have the top tracks, albums, artists and that stuff. Plus the suggested songs they think you would like. They are similar but I like Rhapsody better!! 

Twilight Character Quiz!!! I will give you the link right now. http://www.allthetests.com/quiz22/quizpu.php?testid=1174005424

Tell me who you ended up with!!!

It said I was mostly Jacob Black!!! Then 20% of Bella and 20% of Edward! Then 17 for Alice and 7 for Carlisle!



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